Industrial Pesquera Santa Mónica S.A

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The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is an internationally recognized food safety system that is used by FAO to help ensure the safe production of food products. Santa Monica has complete approval, with approved and monitored systems that cover: Processing, packaging and administration

It is a cooperation program between the private sector and national and foreign organizations, created to promote a safe international trade. BASC is a voluntary program that seeks, promotes and supports the implementation of the Standard and Security Standards in companies to avoid any illegal action that affects legitimate trade between countries. Industrial Pesquera Santa Mónica, is an affiliate member since 2003.

BRC (British Retail Consortium)
BRC is a regulation developed by the Association of British Retailers or British Retail Consortium (BRC). This organization is one of the main business associations of the United Kingdom. The standard contains requirements for a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) in accordance with the requirements of the Codex Alimentarius. BRC is a series of technical standards on food safety that must be fulfilled from the production of food until its sale to the consumer, which guarantees a safe and quality product..

Implementation GMP (Good Production Practice)
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), is a set of operational instructions or operational procedures whose purpose is the prevention and control of the occurrence of pollution hazards. The BPM are responsible for the development and compliance of good habits of Hygiene and Manipulation, both by the personnel involved in the processes as well as in the facilities where it is carried out.

In the equipment used to make a product and in the selection of suppliers.

The implementation of BPM is a basic tool for obtaining safe products for human consumption, which are centralized in hygiene and handling.